Molo's Morsels of Thought

I'm Molo (she/her), a software developer, aspiring product designer, based in Seattle.

🌱 I’m currently looking for my next role in software development

👯 I’m interested in in HCI Research, VR/AR tech, and education

⚡ Fun fact: my favorite movie is Everything Everywhere All At Once ğŸŽžï¸

🚀 My Tech Stack

Here are some of the technologies and tools I'm stumblin' with:

💻 Programming Languages: Python, GoLang

🌐 Web Development: React, Node.JS, Django

🛢️ Databases: PostgreSQL

🚧 DevOps & Tools: AWS, Kubernetes

ğŸŽ¨ UI/UX Design: Figma Prototyping and Wireframes, User Research Methods, AR/VR prototyping